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More info

An easy to use Web Calendar

What is the DataFlex Web Scheduler Library?

If you ever need to develop a web scheduler, the DataFlex Web Scheduler Library will be an excellent option for you. Based on the feature rich Java Script Event Calendar from DHTMLX.

The Library lets you create a beautiful web calendar, supporting drag and drop, just like you can in Outlook or Google Calendar. And the only programming language you need to master? DataFlex!

Your calendars can have a large variety of views, a very clean UI and fully customizable design.

Order your Web Scheduler Library today. This includes the DataFlex Library, and a sample workspace. Please be aware that you need to purchase your DHTMLX JavaScript classes from DHTML, these are not included!


Some Features

Timeline view: the scheduler allows to show a Day, Week or Month view, but also to select on Unit or Timeline.
Read-only Timeline: with the read-only view the data in the scheduler can not be changed.
Custom Tooltip & event CSS: Custom CSS can be added, for example an icon that marks an item as ‘done’.
Marked/Blocked Timespans: Block a specific timespan to show there’s no room left for other meetings/appointments.

Want to see how the Web Scheduler works? Go to the free online demo! Use: demo, demo, to login.


Try free online demo