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More information about EDUC 2020

September 17, 2019

Come see the light...

The EDUC 2020 website is live! On the website you will find more detailed information about rates, dates and location. The largest European DataFlex conference will be in the capital of Iceland: Reykjavik! The country known for the northern lights (Aurora Borealis), that’s why the theme of this EDUC is: come see the light!

When: April 2-3, 2020

Where: Reykjavik, Iceland

Why come to EDUC 2020?

Software development is a fast-pace industry, offering new technology every day. Which technology is relevant and which is essential? EDUC 2020 in Iceland is there for you to guide you and help you to determine what the future can offer you.

Sometime in future, you will have to support 64-bit computing and Unicode. What will that mean for programming in DataFlex? How can you prepare for migrating to modern platforms, and what is the state of the web framework?

EDUC 2020 aims to help you get the most from your DataFlex development by communicating the newest DataFlex ideas, techniques and tools.

Join us to learn the latest about DataFlex, from the team building it, and the people using it. Find out what others in the DataFlex community are doing and fuel your creativity to see the light.

And there are plenty more reasons to come to EDUC 2020. For example: an 8K planetarium northern ligths show, the wonders of Iceland and the golden circle tour. Discover more on the EDUC website!

Go to the EDUC website

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