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DataFlex is used by software developers around the world. Globally, they use the Data Access Worldwide Forum, but regionally and locally, several events are organized regularly to meet in person.  If you have never participated at one of these events, give it a try. See if there is an opportunity for you nearby....

DataFlex Meetup UK

15/08/2024 - Birmingham

EDUC 2024

10/10/2024 - Split, Croatia

Training courses

Why you should join training...
  • Because it’s fun!
  • You’ll learn new things
  • Stay ahead of your competitors
  • And many more reasons...

Check out the EDUC 2022 photos

Find the downloadable presentations from EDUC 2022 here, and check out the photos:

Want to stay informed?

We're already working on the next event to take place in another great venue to share the latest techniques and have a great time together. Want to be there first? Leave your email address and stay informed.

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Can't wait and want an on-site training?

If there are no courses scheduled at a date that suits you, please contact us and ask for the possibilities to have a trainer conduct training at your location. You can read more about this, and other training options here.

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