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DataFlex Reports

DataFlex Reports is available as Developer and Standard Edition. 

Description Price Subscription
Developer Edition € 595,00 € 148,75
Standard Edition € 295,00 € 73,75


  • The Developer Edition can be used to integrate reports in a DataFlex Windows or Web application. For Windows applications the license includes the rights to distribute royalty-free. For Web Applications a Web Deployment License is required.
  • The Standard Edition cannot be used to integrate reports with a DataFlex Windows or Web application
Description Price Subscription/Yr
Per Server € 295,00 € 73,75


  • For deploying reports via the web, a Web Deployment License must be purchased for each Server, Physical, or Virtual

You can order products directly with Data Access Worldwide. Orders can best be sent to

If you are an end-user of a DataFlex application we advise you to consult the vendor or developer of your application, before purchasing our products. They can best advise and assist on deployment, use and training for these products.

Note that distribution and support in your region will be taken care of by one of our authorized partners, or regional subsidiary.