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DataFlex Reports 6.1.3 Released

October 19, 2017

We are pleased to announce the availability of DataFlex Reports 2017 (v6.1.3).

Version 6.1.3 is a maintenance release fixing a number of (important) bugs. Version 6.1.3 cannot run side-by-side with version 6.1 but runs side-by-side with older versions (such as v6.0). This means you need to de-install version 6.1 before you can install version 6.1.3.


  • Fixed type conversion problem in SQL() function
  • Binary data can now be stored in RDS sample dialog
  • Fixed problem with saving functions when switching between functions in the function editor
  • HDE 5062 Increased maximum font size from 100 to 500 pts
  • HDE 5035 Empty functions are no longer automatically deleted
  • HDE 5042 Background color for barcode in sample
  • Updated integration library
  • Updated help

 Download the v6.1.3 version from: