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DataFlex Reports 6.2 Beta II Released

May 31, 2018

We are pleased to announce the availability of DataFlex Reports 2018 (v6.2) Beta II.

The main topic of version 6.2 is the introduction of crosstabs/pivot-tables to the reporting engine.

New features

  • Ability to copy DataFlex Reports Studio options from the install program
  • Added SQLite driver
  • Added Connection string to ODBC connection wizard
  • Option to show errors when connecting to a Data source
  • Added formatting functions: FormatDate(), FormatTime(), FormatNumber(), FormatCurrency()
    and FormatInteger()
  • Bigint support
  • Option for exporting to Excel in native datatype
  • Side-by-side support for the DataFlex Reports Studio
  • DataFlex Reports Studio is now DPI aware and has new icons
  • Import and Export of RDS tables and sample data to RDS
  • Ability to hide/show row number in RDS sample data dialog
  • Hide barcode text and default barcode type
  • Barcode possible on parameter value
  • Functions for positioning and sizing of objects
  • Updated integration library
  • Updated help

Changes between Beta I and Beta II

  • Fixed incorrect internal version id in the Maintenance utility
  • Fixed problem with dates in DataFlex driver
  • Fixed problems with missing DataFlex runtime files in the installation
  • HDE 5471/5406
    Findings fixed ‘Dialog failed’ error when creating a new report based on a SQL statement
  • HDE 5468
    Findings Fixed ‘index out of bounds’ error when creating report based on SQL statement via
    Database Expert
  • HDE 5470
    Findings Current connection in Database Expert does not show SQL statement
  • HDE 5469
    Findings Fixed ‘Table mismatches’ error when using Check database on a SQL statement report
    and changing the statement
  • HDE 5427 Fixed problem with umlaute character (accentuated characters)
  • HDE 5429 Cannot create SQL based report from Database Expert
  • HDE 5475 Wrong icon in toolbar
  • HDE 5449 ODBC connection wizard creates incorrect SERVER when using managed connections
    with MS-SQL
  • HDE 5434 Create DSN less connection does not allow you to specify a server not listed in the
  • HDE 5431 Managed connection list is not automatically populated and does not include
    connection information
  • HDE 5466 Incorrect data when using SQLite SQL statement
  • HDE 5461 Browse data does not work on SQLite database
  • HDE 5462 Weird characters when using SQLite database with accentuated characters
  • HDE 5291 Paint problem in Designer (design tab) when scrolling a label report horizontally


  • Added DataFlex 19.1 library
  • DF_Material support (new default theme for 19.1)

Changes between 6.1.5 and 6.2

  • HDE 5135
  • HDE 5019 Fixed broken link in the Control Panel’s ‘Programs and Features’ for DataFlex Reports
  • HDE 5040 ‘Size To Font’ option no longer allowed on barcode
  • HDE 5273 Fixed keys (line Tab and Enter) not working in search dialog
  • HDE 5146 Installer no longer removes DR registration files during uninstall
  • HDE 5224 Problem with position of Group Header in a subreport
  • HDE 5092 Exporting a report with Page Layers to Excel will result in blank lines
  • HDE 4523
  • HDE 5266/5253 Fixed ‘Unable to read report (possibly damaged)’ error when report contains
    empty functions
  • HDE 5022 Fixed problem with empty (NULL) Memo and Binary columns displaying random
  • HDE 5030
  • HDE 5315 Find dialog does not get the focus


  • HDE 5272 OnPreviewClick no longer redirects errors to cDRReport object
  • HDE 5178 Fixed bug in export file name
  • HDE 5293
  • HDE 5281 Error message after pressing Help

 Download the v6.2 version from: