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New Release: DataFlex 2021 Beta 3

December 9, 2020

DataFlex 2021 is the start of the newest generation of DataFlex, allowing your applications to take advantage of both 64-bit and full Unicode support.

The Beta 3 release is mainly continued refinement and bug fixes from the “feature complete” prior Beta releases published in October and November. During the Beta process we continue to improve various features (both old and new), address bugs and improve the documentation, in preparation for full release.

We elected to do a quick turnaround between Beta 2 and Beta 3 so that we could address an unintentional O/S-level incompatibility introduced in Beta 2. While this incompatibility only impacted older, unsupported, Windows environments (Windows 7, Windows Server 2012, etc.) we wanted to address the situation quickly. We changed to a different Windows API call during activation and that resolved the issue. Besides this there are numerous additions and bug fixes, for details about the feature additions delivered in the Beta 3 release, see this forum post

To get started with DataFlex 2021:

  • Download DataFlex 2021 Beta 3
  • Read the "What’s New" section of the documentation which includes...
    • Step-by-step instructions on everything from initial experimentation through application migration
    • Deep technical detail on using Unicode and 64-bit in DataFlex 2021
  • Share your experience and feedback in the testing forum

Two "Technology Previews”, two Alpha versions and two Beta versions of DataFlex 2021 have been released since the start of the project, and a wealth of 64-bit and Unicode knowledge from early adopters is already available in the Data Access forum.

We look forward to your additional feedback in the testing forum!

2020-12-08 DataFlex 2021 OG image Beta 3