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DataFlex Software Subscriptions

A software subscription entitles customers to: 

  1. All enhancements, improvements, updates and fixes released for the subscribed license for a period of one year. New DataFlex, DataFlex Reports and Dynamic AI Named User licenses include a subscription effective on the date of purchase. Subscriptions must be renewed annually to continue the entitlements.
  2. Make changes to the subscribed license – add users or connectivity kits or add applications to application-counted DataFlex WebApp Server licenses. Without a subscription, licenses cannot be changed.
The subscription entitlements described above are effective 1 December 2016

Important points about Data Access Worldwide’s software subscription policy are:

  1. After the first year, a subscription renewal must be purchased annually on an uninterrupted, year-to-year basis to maintain the entitlement to renew a subscription and to change the license.
  2. Subscriptions expire one year from the last day of the month in which the original subscription license was originally purchased.
  3. If a subscription lapses, it cannot be renewed. The means to re-establish a subscription is to purchase a new license.
  4. Software subscription prices are published in the “Product Information Document” for each regional market.

If you are unsure of your license’s subscription status or when it will expire, contact your application developer, a Data Access Worldwide Regional Office or Channel Partner or e-mail to inquire about your subscription and renewal date.