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Graphics Library 3.0 Released

March 19, 2019

We are happy to announce the release of version 3.0 of the DataFlex Graphics Library. With your Data Access Global Account ID you can download this library and demo application from

NOTE: This version requires an installed DataFlex 19.1 RC (or higher) product and is licensed for use with DataFlex 19.1.

The download is an installer that installs the library and optionally up to 3 example workspaces. One example workspace is for the DataDemo application based on the DataFlex embedded database, one for an MSSQL database (and the installer creates a database if you indicate this) and one workspace that is not databound and shows the use of the library to resize images, shows shapes etc.

The help file is completely renewed and can be used together with DataFlex 19.1

Changes since version 2.6:

  • DataFlex 19.1 code cleanup
  • Windows only and general purpose classes/code
  • Documentation in code improvement (a lot)
  • Header definitions in separate files
  • New Classes
    • cGDIRegion
    • cClipboard
    • cGDIMatrix
    • cGDITextureBrush
    • cGDIHatchBrush
    • cGraphicsContainer
  • Dynamic cGDIImageEncoders objects
  • Added EXIFDateTime function
  • Bitmap oriented struct definition
  • Enhanced classes
    • cDbImageContainer
    • cGDIPen
    • cGDIPlus
    • cImageContainer
    • EXIFDateTime function
    • CopyToClipboard / PasteFromClipboard
    • LoadBitmapFromHBitmap
    • cGDIGraphics
    • cGDIGraphicsPath
    • cGDIImage
    • cGDILinearBrush
    • cGDIPathGradientBrush
    • cHexHandler
    • cHistogramContainer
  • New and moved struct definitions
  • Use of integer alias types (e.g. gpStatus)
  • Use of testing GDI+ object pointers instead of assuming they contain a value
  • Singleton object of cGDIPlus instead of multiple cGDIPlus objects
  • Images from file are read via DataFlex instead of GDI+ directly
  • cGDIPlus object contains dynamically created objects

To download go to