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In 1976 Data Access Worldwide started in the software business with a programming language called DataFlex. In 1991 the significance of the European market for DataFlex was reason to found Data Access Europe.

The product has evolved to be the powerful software development platform that it is today. In addition, complementary tools, products and services joined the DataFlex brand to round out a uniquely powerful portfolio of solution offerings.


Under the DataFlex® brand, we design, develop, and market advanced products for creating business software efficiently and at lower costs. It includes tools for reporting, content management and business intelligence. In order to support professionals who use these tools a broad array of training, support and services is available. Our highly competent staff provides capacity, knowledge or complete software solutions. Services further include graphic and UX design, video productions and dedicated, managed cloud hosting solutions.


Data Access Worldwide and DataFlex are everywhere. Headquartered in Florida, USA, Data Access Worldwide has a true global presence with regional offices in The Netherlands and Brazil and authorized Channel Partners around the world.

Professional DataFlex developers, independant solution providers and end users running DataFlex applications are located in over 105 countries.

Why choose Data Access?

Choose DataFlex as a tool to create robust solutions for Web, Windows or mobile. Choose it because it offers high productivity to create great results in less time than other tools offer.

Become a member of a community that globally treats peers with respect, support and professionalism. Choose Data Access Worldwide because our lines are always open to you. We’re here to help. To make you successful.

Things to know about Data Access Worldwide...

Your Region matters

Our worldwide offices and channel partners are there to simplify business processes. Local representation allows for customers to be serviced in local time zones and currencies, according to their area’s laws, tax regulations, and in their native language.

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The Durability of DataFlex

DataFlex does not quit. Many of our customers have been running DataFlex applications in their businesses for over 20 years. As new technology demands emerge, DataFlex continuously evolves to meet them allowing for businesses to stay current.


We have a community of devoted talented developers that focus on building exceptional business software with DataFlex. With a culture of open communication, collaboration, knowledge and resource sharing, our global community is active 24/7.