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New Additions to Getting to Know the Web Controls Video Course

February 15, 2024

The Getting to know the Web Controls video course has recently expanded with three new lessons! Here are the highlights of the latest additions:

  • Lesson 19 -  WebFileUploadButton Control: This lesson delves into cWebFileUploadButton, a powerful tool simplifying file uploads through a user-friendly selection window. Particularly useful for tasks like adding pictures, we explore its features and how it enhances the user experience in web development.
  • Lesson 20 - WebForm Control: The cWebForm takes center stage in web development, renowned for its versatility. Ideal for straightforward data entry, it seamlessly handles display and editing tasks for single lines of text or database columns. In this lesson, we explore the simplicity and utility of WebForm in creating dynamic and user-friendly web interfaces.
  • Lesson 21 - WebGeoLocation: CWebGeoLocation is a dynamic class providing real-time user location via API, with additional features for extended tracking and speed retrieval. Perfect for gathering comprehensive global user data, this class is a valuable resource for enhancing applications with precise location-based information. In this lesson, we explore the capabilities of cWebGeoLocation in this session.

These new additions enrich the course with practical knowledge and essential tools for modern web development. Stay tuned for hands-on insights and practical knowledge from the expanded Getting to Know the Web Controls video course! 


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