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New video course - Using Managed Connections in DataFlex

October 13, 2022

Working with Managed Connections simplifies the development, deployment and support of DataFlex applications that use SQL servers for data management. The Managed Connections interface provides a better fit with how data is accessed in SQL servers, so your applications behave more sensibly, with less code.

It’s easy to get started, using the default security encryption and user interface, and then use the extensible and customizable API as your application requirements change. During development and debugging, managed connections allow you to switch between database servers and databases, including those for specific customers, using simple ini file settings and without the need for recompilation. That same single configuration file streamlines deployment.

This new video course covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • How data is accessed
  • The role of connection strings and ids
  • The basics of managed connections
  • Security basics
  • Alternate and additional connections
  • And using dynamic connections.

Finally, for developers with legacy SQL-based DataFlex applications, we’ll look at an easy method to upgrade to using managed connections.

Watch the new video course on the DataFlex Learning Center!

2022-10-12 Managed Connections OG