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Announcing 64-bit Unicode DataFlex

November 14, 2017

Data Access Worldwide consistently focuses on making DataFlex a stable, reliable, high productivity application development platform. We also evolve DataFlex in a manner that will maintain developers’ application investments by providing continuity across product revisions.

In addition to adding new features and capabilities for developers, we must also enhance the DataFlex platform to utilize other widely accepted technologies and industry standards. We are excited to announce two important, platform enhancing initiatives that are underway now:

  • 64-bit DataFlex
  • Unicode DataFlex

Although Unicode and 64-bit are different technology implementations, the two projects are being carefully coordinated with the intention that they will converge and be delivered in a single, new DataFlex release. More technical details and release dates will be published in the future.

You can read the complete announcement on the Data Access Worldwide blog.