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Structure Padding Helper tool eases migrating your DataFlex applications to 64-bit

March 30, 2022

With the release of DataFlex 2021 we introduced the capability to compile and run your application as a 64-bit executable. While preparing your code for 64-bit compilation is often not as hard as you might fear, and there is good guidance from our DataFlex Learning Center, some developers may stumble upon the curious case of structure padding.

Structs that are exposed to Windows functions or custom dependencies may need slight changes to still function properly. But how do you recognize that such changes are needed? Since this is not always obvious to all developers, we have created the Structure Padding Helper tool to help developers identify and deal with these changes.

In this blog André de Vries (Software Engineer at Data Access Europe) shows what structure padding is and how the new tool helps you to migrate your applications to 64-bit!

The tool is freely downloadable.

Download the Structure Padding helper

2022-03-29 Structure Padding Helper OG