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Winners of the Football pool

July 8, 2019

The match has ended and the USA is the winner of the FIFA Women’s World Cup. Congratulations! With the end result of 2-0 the winners of the Football pool are known as well! 

Who predicted 2-0?

Only a few people had the right predictions:

• Mark Lamerton
• Felipe Silva
• Marques Filho Manoel
• Edu Zubillaga
• Angel Lee Rubio
• Hans van de Laar
• Herman Velthuys
• Milan van Minnen
• Nicole Strijker

And the winners are...

For every region there’s a winner, the winners are:

Asia Pacific: Mark Lamerton
The America’s: Felipe Silva
EMEA: Herman Velthuys

Congratulations! We will e-mail you about your prize!