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Free DataFlex Date & Time Library for DataFlex 2021 and 2022

September 14, 2022

The DataFlex Date & Time Library is useful when working with date and time in your applications. The library is now available for DataFlex 2021 and 2022.

The DataFlex Date & Time Library

When working with date and time in your applications it is important to consider for example:

  • The different timezones
  • Daylight saving time
  • The current system date and time
  • But also the milliseconds it takes to startup a system

The DataFlex Date & Time Library contains several functions to assist with anything date and time related in your DataFlex applications.

A few functions of the DataFlex Date & Time Library are:

  • CompareFileTimes - Compares two time values (earlier, equal and later)
  • TickCount / TickCount64 - Retrieves the number of milliseconds that have elapsed since the system was started
  • SetLocalTime - Sets the current local time and date
  • SystemTimes - Retrieves system timing information
  • QueryPerformanceCounter - Retrieves the current value of the performance counter
  • QueryPerformancePercentage - Retrieves the frequency of the performance counter
  • QueryUnbiasedInterruptTime - Gets the current unbiased interrupt-time count
  • SystemTime - Retrieves the current system date and time in UTC format
  • SetSystemTime - Changes the system time
  • SystemTimeAdjustment - Determines whether the system is applying periodic time adjustments to its time-of-day clock
  • FormatSystemTimeToTime - Formats a tSystemTime value to a DataFlex Time value using the regional settings
  • TimeZoneInformation - Retrieves the current time zone settings
  • TimeZoneInformationForYear - Retrieves the current time zone settings for a specific year
  • SystemTimeToFileTime - Helper function to convert a time value
  • SystemTimeToTzSpecificLocalTime - Converts a tSystemTime value via TimeZoneInformation to a TimeZone Specific Local Time

For an overview of all functions visit the downloads page.

Note: you need the free DataFlex Conversions Library for the DataFlex Date & Time Libary.


Download DataFlex Date & Time Library


2022-09-02 Date and Time