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DataFlex wrapper for Froala web editor

January 24, 2017

We are pleased to inform you that we released the DataFlex wrapper for the Froala editor.
Froala claims to produce the smartest and world’s most beautiful WYSIWYG HTML editor. It promises high performance and simple design. The DataFlex wrapper makes it very easy to add a text editor to your web applications.

If you want to see Froala working in a simple demo, click here. On the same page, find links to Froala pricing and the documentation.

The DataFlex wrapper is free of charge, and is available to you “as-is”. Find the wrapper in our download section (libraries), or click here to get there directly.

The Froala product self is not free. Here is an indication on pricing: Currently (December 2016) the “Advanced” edition of the editor likely covers most needs for DataFlex developers and costs $ 249 for unlimited domains.

Make sure to check out which license is appropriate for you.