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Exclusive offer: 15 custom icons for €350

July 12, 2018

Gear up your application with powerful icons!

If you have downloaded DataFlex Studio V19.1 Alpha 3, you may have noticed that this version of DataFlex comes with a rich set of modern icons.

Icons are an increasingly useful graphical element in the design of your applications and this summer Data Access Europe wants to make a very special offer.


2018-07-11 Icon Offer Open Graph V2


Create 15 new icons, fully tailored to YOUR application!

Custom icons are a powerful addition for applications, for the purpose of branding. Custom icons give your apps a very professional look. This summer we offer to develop 15 custom icons for a reduced, fixed price of €350. The offer is valid from July 1st, through October 1st

Example: Windows Application icons

You might recognise these icons from DataFlex/DataFlex Reports. These are custom made, showing specific actions in DataFlex/DataFlex Reports.


2018-07-12 Windows Application icons


Example: Web Application icons

These three icons are custom made for a Web Application. They show DataFlex elements, for example you might recognise the mobile dashboard. In the Web Application the icons are used in front of an orange background. To optimize the view of the icons different opacities are used:


2018-07-12 Web Application Icons


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