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Customer Support

For technical support, here are your options.

Technical support and training at Data Access Europe are managed by Vincent Oorsprong. Other Software Engineers may take over specific tickets, if their expertise offers an efficient way to resolve your reported issues.

We use HelpDesk Express (HDE), a support system, to log all calls, allowing to keep track of communications and threads.
In HelpDesk Express you can ask technical support questions, reports bugs, or you can express the need for a specific feature – a wish.

We prefer that support calls are logged by developers in our HDE system.

If you do not have an account in our HelpDesk Express system, simply create one when navigating to HDE. You need a Data Access ID (can be created at the same time).

Customer support is provided for products on the Current Products List.

Our free customer support options are:

Forums - A rich, on-line, peer support resource containing over 100,000 posts about all versions of DataFlex, DataFlex Reports, Dynamic AI, cloud deployment, database connectivity, web services, developer contributed code and more. Data Access Worldwide product development and technical support teams, along with a global community of developers actively contribute to the forums.

Knowledge Base - Over 1500 articles covering all facets of our products. Numerous code examples, work-arounds and invaluable tips.

Blogs - Find blogs on the US site, the European site and in the Forums.

Customers with a current commercial development license may also use....

Email - Send a support request to

Phone - Contact one of our regional partners. If we have no assigend partner for your region, contact Data Access Europe at +31 74 2555 609. Our Support Team is available Monday through Friday between 9am and 5pm CEST.

Free email and phone support for commercial licenses is limited to a question about the use of a particular product that can be resolved within 15 minutes; it is not intended to replace training or to assist with the design, development or debugging of an application.

TeamViewer QuickSupport

You can download the Data Access Team Viewer support module through this page. Only download this file when you are asked to do so by one of our support team.

Download TeamViewer QuickSupport

Note that the QuickSupport module is not going to be installed locally on your machine, it just runs for the duration of the session.

We reserve the right to limit unreasonable usage of free phone and email support.

Some of our products require activation. Usually these are performed automatically, assuming you have a working internet connection.

In the case that you do not have that connection, you need to create an activtion request code.

On a computer with internet access, you can use this code to request an Activaton code. 

Select the product your want to activate

For any other questions or support you may need, feel free to contact us.