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Other products

This page contains the list prices for all other products/articles available 

Description Price Subscription
DataFlex CM Commercial € 795,00 € 200,00
DataFlex CM Personal  Free Free
DataFlex Developer Edition € 1,000,00 € 250,00


  • In need of a personal and unique webdesign optimized for DataFlex CM? We can provide you with a professional webdesign at a favourable price.
    For more information contact us via e-mail or telephone (+31-74-2555609)


Seats Price
1 € 410,00
3 € 550,00
5 € 685,00
10 € 825,00
25 € 990,00
100 € 1.375,00



  • An evaluation version (limited to 100 records per session and 30 days) can be downloaded at
  • FlexODBC is an ODBC driver. You can access DataFlex data from non-DataFlex programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel etc.
  • Each PC counts as a seat. Licenses are activated and registered per PC (hardware).
  • Delivered software can not be returned.
  • Price for update from 3.x is 40% off the current retail price.
  • Revision 2.x versions can not be updated to 4.0 versions.
  • The 2.x and 3.x versions can not be purchased any longer.
  • OEM versions available with 2.x and 3.x are no longer available.
  • FlexODBC licenses need to be activated after purchasing the license. For each machine you need one license. If you want to replace the machine you need to deactivate the license before replacing the machine. Failing to do so results in purchasing a new FlexODBC license. The time between deactivation and re-activation is 3 business days. Deactivation/Activation can be done via the FlexODBC setup dialog or via / The license swapping is not designed / supported to share one license over multiple users.
Description Price
Discovering DataFlex 2016
€ 39,95
Discovering Visual DataFlex 15.1
Softcover / Full Color
€ 95,00
Addendum to Discovering Visual DataFlex 15.1
Softcover / Full Color
€ 30,00
Discovering DataFlex Reports 2.0
Softcover / Full Color
€ 60,00
Datadictionary Guide
€ 55,00
Mastering Visual DataFlex
€ 75,00
DataFlex 3.1d basic (2 manuals) € 100,00
DataFlex 3.1d full (6 manuals) € 200,00
DataFlex 2.3b € 200,00


  • Discovering DataFlex 2016 is only available as PDF document
  • All other books are printed books only available as long as the stock lasts. No new reprints are made
  • Prices do not include shipping


You can order products directly with Data Access Worldwide. Orders can best be sent to

If you are an end-user of a DataFlex application we advise you to consult the vendor or developer of your application, before purchasing our products. They can best advise and assist on deployment, use and training for these products.

Note that distribution and support in your region will be taken care of by one of our authorized partners, or regional subsidiary.