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Dynamic AI

Dynamic AI

Business Intelligence - 100% web based


Dynamic AI is for people that need easy-to-consume, summarized, on-demand information to make fast, reliable business decisions. Details, when needed, are a click away. From the boardroom to the marketing department or shop floor, decisions drive business. Dynamic AI’s accurate, interactive, real-time information empowers people to make fast, reliable decisions.


Different people require different information to perform well in their roles. Executives require enterprise-wide dashboards; others need departmental or task-level summaries and details. Presentation matters – will a chart, graph, table, list, report, map or calendar deliver the information most effectively? Dynamic AI can serve diverse users with information in the form they can use it best.


In today’s mobile world, people are distributed and decentralized yet they need secure, "right now" access to information assets regardless of their location or device-of-the-moment. As a completely web-based solution, Dynamic AI can deliver intelligence to desktop browsers, tablets or smart phones anywhere in the world. And, it can automatically deliver reports via scheduled emails.


Because conventional page-oriented reporting does not effectively support business analysis and fast decisions. Reports are static, detail centric and bottom up. Dynamic AI’s high-level aggregations, summaries and graphics with progressive drill-downs deliver usable facts to analyze trends, identify risks and opportunities that can lead to better decisions and action.

Dynamic AI users

The Dynamic AI userbase is large and very diverse. Its relatively light footprint allows for quick and easy implementations. Its architecture allows for scaling and securitiy levels of significant magnitude. Large sites using Dynamic Ai for web BI, scale to tens of thousands of users on a single installation.

Any company having a SQl Server database, will want to try Dynamic AI!

Ready for the future

Dynamic AI is a 100% browser-based BI tool, offering not only delivery of reports in the browser or mobile devices, but also enabling the creation of reports on those devices. 

If you have your data in an SQL database like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle or IBM DB2, ask for an evaluation license and try it for yourself. Or watch this video that explains in a few minutes, how reports are created in Dynamic AI.

creating reports in dynamic ai

Ready for the future