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DataFlex Reports 6.2 Beta I Released

April 03, 2018

We are pleased to announce the availability of DataFlex Reports 2018 (v6.2) Beta I.

The main topic of version 6.2 is the introduction of crosstabs/pivot-tables to the reporting engine.

New features

  • Ability to copy DataFlex Reports Studio options from the install program
  • Added SQLite driver
  • Added Connection string to ODBC connection wizard
  • Option to show errors when connecting to a Data source
  • Added formatting functions: FormatDate(), FormatTime(), FormatNumber(), FormatCurrency()
    and FormatInteger()
  • Bigint support
  • Option for exporting to Excel in native datatype
  • Side-by-side support for the DataFlex Reports Studio
  • DataFlex Reports Studio is now DPI aware and has new icons
  • Import and Export of RDS tables and sample data to RDS
  • Ability to hide/show row number in RDS sample data dialog
  • Hide barcode text and default barcode type
  • Barcode possible on parameter value
  • Functions for positioning and sizing of objects
  • Updated integration library
  • Updated help

Bug fixes:

  • HDE 5135
  • HDE 5019 Fixed broken link in the Control Panel’s ‘Programs and Features’ for DataFlex Reports
  • HDE 5040 ‘Size To Font’ option no longer allowed on barcode
  • HDE 5273 Fixed keys (line Tab and Enter) not working in search dialog
  • HDE 5146 Installer no longer removes DR registration files during uninstall
  • HDE 5224 Problem with position of Group Header in a subreport
  • HDE 5092 Exporting a report with Page Layers to Excel will result in blank lines
  • HDE 4523
  • HDE 5266/5253 Fixed ‘Unable to read report (possibly damaged)’ error when report contains
    empty functions
  • HDE 5022 Fixed problem with empty (NULL) Memo and Binary columns displaying random
  • HDE 5030
  • HDE 5315 Find dialog does not get the focus


  • HDE 5272 OnPreviewClick no longer redirects errors to cDRReport object
  • HDE 5178 Fixed bug in export file name
  • HDE 5293
  • HDE 5281 Error message after pressing Help

 Download the v6.2 version from: