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Business Intelligence


Dynamic AI is an excellent tool for creating a Business Intelligence platform.

Business Intelligence requires a specialized skill-set. The support and services we provide to customers in this field are two-fold.

First, if someone wants to use Dynamic AI as an advanced and easy-to-use tool for delivering reports, we want to make sure that he can contact us at any time for help, using Dynamic AI. Quality training and support are important values at Data Access Europe. 

Another situation is when customers need assistance to implement Dynamic AI. This can vary from a straight-forward setting up, getting connected and create reports, to designing, implementing and maintaining a complex data warehouse. Our BI consultants are familiar with Microsoft SSIS to do that.

Dynamic AI is used by a variety of organizations, sizing from a few users, upto tens of thousands registered users.

Dynamic AI is known for being able to deliver information extremely quickly, anywhere at a very affordable price. Most customers require no more than a two-day workshop, to get started, having the first reports ready.

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Do you want to get a BI solution for your company, do you need help with Dynamic AI, or do you just want to learn more about how to go about things? Contact us!