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Dynamic AI Overview


Create Business Intelligence reports in a matter of minutes, not days.

One Platform

Actionable information delivered to the desktop, browser or mobile

As one platform that integrates information across applications and business processes, Dynamic AI can provide a new perception and understanding of the business. It can quickly become the “go-to” resource that decision makers and information users throughout the enterprise will use on the most convenient device, where ever they are in the world.


Everything you’ll need to deliver dashboards, reports, charts and graphs

Dynamic AI incorporates all of the capabilities to efficiently create and deliver dashboards, reports, charts, graphs, data-driven maps and calendars all of which are “live” allowing drill down from each summary data element to details below. See the big picture and know what’s creating it – navigate through your information one click at a time. And decide.

Write less; deliver more information

An information delivery framework – so you don’t have to do all the work

With Dynamic AI's intelligent “designer”, both end users and developers build complex reports and dashboards with click and drag, not programming. Connect to your data sources and start designing. Click the “AI” button and let Dynamic AI find associations in your data and automatically deliver a selection of reports and charts

It’s your business; get your information

Get information your way to drive decisions and action

Your business is different. Dynamic AI is designed to deliver tailored, custom reports and data visualizations so you have what’s important to know, to manage, to strategize, to decide and to act. While Dynamic AI can aggregate all of your data, its value is in showing users the pertinent, summarized information they need to analyze, decide and accelerate business.

Stand alone or integrated with DataFlex

A cross application data integrator or embedded intelligence

Designed to deliver enterprise-wide business intelligence, Dynamic AI can also be transparently integrated with DataFlex web, mobile and Windows applications to provide flexible, BI-style information embedded in corporate and vertical market solutions. Why use old-style, page-oriented reports in applications when dynamic, interactive intelligence is available?

Business Intelligence for your business....

Dynamic AI is used by large, medium & small enterprises in almost every industry sector: transportation, health care, banking, IT, government, financial services, agriculture, wholesale, retail, public utilities and more.

Enterprise Teams

The strongest feature for Enterprise users is the vast repository that make for a robust and performant back-bone. A layered structure of authorization levels, easily landscaping large user bases, and very intelligently placing filters on different levels, allows to serve a large and diverse group of users, with minimal effort and maintenance.

Commercial Application Developers

Time to market and long term maintenance costs are critical profit factors for developers of vertical market applications. Dynamic AI helps to meet those demands. The time-to-market for a BI reporting solution for a vertical application is sliced down to a real minimum. Our consultants are particularly keen on helping commercial application developers going with Dynamic AI, and add a full-fledged BI solution to it.


Hooking up Dynamic AI to a new and unknown database is really simple. Within minutes, a consultant can browse through data, and already have the first reports ready. This can be a ramp up to a full BI implementation, or it can just be a very effective way for a consultant, to get acquainted with new data, and share this with other people.

Get started with Dynamic AI

Creating BI reports with Dynamic AI is easy. Anyone with a SQL back-end will want to try Dynamic AI, to how fast and easy it really is.

If you are interesed to give it a try we are happy to provide you with an evaluation license, simply Contact Us!