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Elevate Your DataFlex Development with CI Mastery

October 19, 2023

Embark on a transformative journey with our new DataFlex Learning Center video course, demystifying Continuous Integration (CI) in DataFlex development. In four concise lessons, learn to seamlessly integrate CI principles, automate builds, and foster collaboration.

Starting with "Installing Gitea," discover the versatility of this version control system, similar to Bitbucket and Github. Move on to "Installing Jenkins" to master the pivotal build orchestrator, ensuring a streamlined development pipeline. In "Connecting and creating our first Gitea Team" we will put the pieces together and make sure that we are ready for our first pipeline. Finally, in "Building our own CI capable project," craft a CI-ready DataFlex project with unit tests on Jenkins. Elevate your skills—enroll now!

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2023-03-22 DF and Continuous Integration OG