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DataFlex Reports 2016 (v5.0) Released

May 4, 2016

Today we release version 5 of DataFlex Reports, the report engine from Data Access. You should use this version as it contains the following new features

  • Label reports
  • SQL statement data-sources
  • New chart types
  • SQL schema support
  • PDF/A export support
  • Wrap text option
  • Use of GDI+
  • Overlay next section
  • Exclude section from page footer calculation
  • Change vertical alignment
  • Save report on preview (autosave)
  • Print Section over multiple pages
  • And for developers seamless integration with drill-down style web applications via a library supported for all DataFlex revisions from v16.0 and up
  • Many small items and bug fixes

Read about all features and changes between version 4 and 5 in the readme document.

Download the developer edition or the standard edition from the download section..