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DataFlex 2021 Updated Release published – update now!

April 21, 2021

DataFlex 2021 build 20.0.7 is an updated release that contains bug fixes for important issues reported by the development community. Most of these issues were new to DataFlex 2021. The updates are available as complete new installations (including the Studio, Server and Client installations, see links below) and replace the previous release builds (20.0.6).

Check out the DataFlex 2021 Update Release Notes for complete information on the changes.

We have removed the prior published build from the Download center and all users of build 20.0.6 (or any prerelease builds) should update to 20.0.7 as soon as possible.

Installing the Update

To install the update one first needs to uninstall any currently installed versions of DataFlex 2021. A reboot is recommended between uninstallation and installation of the new DataFlex 2021 build. Note that installing DataFlex 2021 after uninstalling a prior build will automatically reinstall the evaluation license and you will need to register your DataFlex Studio license after the installation completes. You can register from within the Studio (under Help | License Registration…) or using “Register DataFlex” on the “DataFlex 2021 – 20.0” Start Menu.

New to DataFlex 2021?

DataFlex 2021 is the beginning of a new era for DataFlex! Even though the main goal is to allow your applications to take advantage of both 64-bit and full Unicode support, there are revolutionary additions and improvements in all areas of the product.

Check out What’s New in DataFlex for a quick tour of the product highlights and then start your own DataFlex 2021 journey:

  • Download DataFlex 2021
    • The complete set of installers (Studio, Server and Client) are available, and each will install using an extendable, 60-day evaluation license
  • Read the “What’s New in DataFlex 2021" section of the documentation which includes...
    • Step-by-step instructions on everything from initial experimentation through application migration
    • Deep technical detail on Unicode, 64-bit and the rest of DataFlex 2021
  • Check out the DataFlex Learning Center for the latest instructional videos!
  • Share your experience and feedback here in the DataFlex Forums

And don’t forget to check out the videos from the recent DataFlex Launch Event 2021!

Other updated releases

Besides the updated release of DataFlex 2021, we’ve also updated:

2021-04-19 DataFlex 2021 Update release