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DataFlex 2017 / 19.0 Released

August 1, 2017

2017-07-28 DataFlex 19

DataFlex 2017 includes many new features and improvements that make developing Windows, web and mobile applications easier and faster than ever - especially with SQL databases!

DataFlex 2017 / 19.0 also delivers:

  • For Windows applications
    • Improved DPI awareness for high resolution displays
    • Flat Style Icons
    • New Tabbed Workspaces
  • SQL and connectivity
    • Extensive changes and enhancements for smooth, easy development and deployment such as...
      • Managed connections
      • Improved index support
      • Updated Connectivity Kits
  • DataFlex Studio
    • Modernized appearance and improved support for high resolution displays
    • New "Connect Wizard"
    • Integration of connectivity considerations throughout the Studio
  • Web Framework
    • Server Web Properties
    • New conrols including: Color Picker, List Menu, Floating Panels and more.
  • Web Application Server 64-bit binaries (IIS 32-bit mode no longer required)
  • A new JSON Parser, and more!

A subscribed DataFlex license is entitled to:

  • All enhancements, improvements, updates and fixes released in the year after your subscription begins.

That includes the just released DataFlex 2017/19.0!

Subscriptions must be renewed annually before expiration to continue these entitlements and the ability to add users, connectivity kits or applications to application-counted DataFlex WebApp Server licenses.
Without an active subscription, DataFlex licenses cannot be changed.

Complete and detailed information about all of the new capabilities included in DataFlex 2017/19.0 is available in the Windows Help that is installed with the software. Or take a look at the What’s New page for a summary of 19.0’s new features.

Below is information on how to get the latest DataFlex software for each Studio, client License and Web Application Server for which you have an active subscription.


Studio Installation Web Application Server Only Client Engine only