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DataFlex Reports

DataFlex Reports

Reporting? When details matter!


DataFlex Reports serves diverse sectors, at different levels. Individual or corporate users, and managers alike, all can benefit from the power of reporting with DataFlex Reports. It is the tool of choice for professional software developers.


Information needs to be available anytime, anywhere and on any device. Therefore DataFlex Reports can be brought to you on web, Windows and mobile. Software developers use DataFlex reports to seamlessly integrate reports in Windows and web applications.


DataFlex Reports provides all the tools for a diversity of pixel-perfect reports. Create lists, labels and charts.

Or quickly generate ad-hoc reports with the built-in wizards and experts to provide accurate and timely information at all times.


DataFlex Reports is a versatile and comprehensive tool for delivering reports to support business operations. For advanced use, the VB-like language for creating formulas and functions, makes for an easy to learn, fully programmable environment. This makes DataFlex Reports a popular tool for beginners as well as software developers.

For DataFlex Developers

The DataFlex Studio is the starting point for creating powerful applications for Windows, Web and Mobile/Touch. All applications need to provide information in the form of reports. For creating operational level reports, the DataFlex Reports, Developer Edition is developed with the DataFlex Developer in mind.