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DataFlex Meetup in the United Kingdom!

15/08/2024 at Birmingham

DataFlex Meetup UK

What: DataFlex Meetup in the United Kingdom
Where: Birmingham
When: August 15th, 2024
Costs: £35, only limited seats available!

Software developers who are interested to see the latest and greatest of DataFlex, must come to the DataFlex UK Meetup in Birmingham on August 15th.

Mike Peat from Unicorn Interglobal and Peter Bragg from CMAC host this special event. They invited lead developers from the Data Access Worldwide R&D team, to show not only what’s new in DataFlex today, but also to present which direction the product is taking for the next decades to come. Bram Nijenkamp and Harm Wibier from Data Access are involved in a project that completely rebuilds the foundations of DataFlex. So you will hear it from the horses’ mouth!

Built on a new technology stack, DataFlex will bring back portability, across Windows, Linux, Mac? Android? It’s like going back to the Future!
And there will be a preview of another Going back to the Future feature in DataFlex: DFAuto!

Drag & Drop automatically generated views on the design canvas. Visually draw links between objects to finesse navigation. It has never been easier and quicker to start with developing Web Applications.


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