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New Release: DataFlex Reports 2022 Beta 2 - get it now!

March 9, 2022

DataFlex Reports 2022 eases report building by removing barriers

Developers’ reports often need to include data from tables in more than one MS-SQL database. Before this release, that wasn’t possible, but now, in DataFlex Reports 2022, it is!
Similarly, in prior releases, column types and lengths had to match. Though it is still recommended, that is no longer a requirement.

Other features to note

  • RTF text is no longer printed as raw data in HTML based reports but as formatted text, which is great news for web developers with Windows-style formatted text.
  • A property has been added (piPageMaxCombo) that allows for the current page menu to be displayed and advanced using either a combo list (drop-down style) or a number spinner.
  • A toolbar class has been extended (cWebDRReportViewer) to create an export button that allows web reports to be exported in formats such as PDF and HTML.

 As with all releases, many bugs have also been addressed and fixed. Their details are documented in the product’s Help file.

DataFlex Reports 2022 Beta 2 can be downloaded today - start taking advantage of these great new features now!

 2022-03-01 DataFlex Reports 2022 Beta 2