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New version of the DataFlex LibXL Library released!

June 28, 2023

We are pleased to announce the availability of the DataFlex LibXL Library compatible with DataFlex 2023 (and earlier) and LibXL version 4.1.2

What is the DataFlex LibXL Library?

A common feature request that application developers are often asked to incorporate in their business software is the ability to import or export data to or from Microsoft Excel files. Fortunately, DataFlex makes this easy to do by using the powerful DataFlex Library for LibXL!

With this library developers can easily expand their Windows, web and mobile apps to read and write Excel files without requiring the use of Microsoft Excel and the .NET framework. Read more about the DataFlex LibXL Library here.

There’s also a DataFlex Learning Center video course available. In this course Henri introduces you to the DataFlex LibXL Library and he demonstrates how to use the library in DataFlex.

Purchase the DataFlex LibXL Library

2023-06-20 LibXL DataFlex 2023