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Enhanced DataFlex LibXL Library released

May 04, 2022

We are pleased to announce the availability of the DataFlex LibXL Library version 1.6 for DataFlex 2022 (and older).

Using the DataFlex LibXL Library, you can read, generate and modify spreadsheets in DataFlex, without the need to install Excel or any other spreadsheet program!

This new version is updated to the most recent LibXL DLL (version 4.0.3), and most changes are about bug solving. Of course, this new DataFlex LibXL Library version supports Unicode and 64-bit, which we added in version 1.5. Read more about the DataFlex LibXL Library here.

There’s also a DataFlex Learning Center video course available. In this course Henri introduces you to the DataFlex LibXL Library and he demonstrates how to use the Library in DataFlex.

Purchase the DataFlex LibXL Library

  • The DataFlex Library is not free of charge. You can purchase the DataFlex LibXL Library here
  • If you already have a subscription to the Library you will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to upgrade
  • Want to try the DataFlex LibXL Library first: Try the free demo, here you can see the DataFlex LibXL Library working in a smiple demo. The workspace contains the executable DataFlex demo program that generates an Excel file using LibXL. you can have a look at the code to get an idea of how the LibXL Library and LibXL are organized

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