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Libraries and tools for DataFlex 2023 released

July 19, 2023

There are numerous libraries and tools available for your DataFlex applications. For instance, an HTML editor, a calculator and a library that allows you to read and write Excel without requiring the use of Microsoft Excel. All libraries listed below have been updated to support the recently released DataFlex 2023:

  • About & Sysinfo - Get an overview of all system information for your DataFlex Windows project.
  • BatchCompiler ToolCompile multiple projects in a batch.
  • Calculator Embed a popup calculator directly into your DataFlex applications.
  • cForAll - Create filters to find data while the application runs.
  • ClassesExplorer Tool - Show information from all classes in the current workspace.
  • Conversions - Convert one unit to another, for example Fahrenheit to Celsius.
  • Date and Time - Get help with anything date and time related, for example different timezones or the current system date and time.
  • Drag and Drop Treeview - Use drag and drop in a Windows Treeview control.
  • Filelist Import & Export - Merge two filelist files or do a quick edit of its content.
  • Graphics - Display pictures in many nowadays popular graphic formats.
  • LibXL - Read and write Excel without requiring the use of Microsoft Excel.
  • Printer Driver Analyzer - View printer drivers and their capabilities.
  • Printing - Collect printer related information.
  • RTF Toolbar - Extend the formatted text options with for example font and color choice.
  • Studio Launcher- Determine the workspace version and load its appropriate Studio version.
  • Trayicon - Minimize applications to the tray icon instead of the taskbar.
  • Quil Editor - Store formatted HTML content in your database records.

Keep an eye on the DataFlex Downloads Center, as more libraries and tools will be updated to DataFlex 2023 soon!

 2023-07-17 Libraries and Tools DataFlex 2023