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Regional Offices

The DataFlex community is a global community with over a million users. To serve customers around the globe, find Data Access Worldwide offices in three locations: Miami, Florida in the USA, Hengelo in the Netherlands, and São Paulo – SP in Brazil.

Each office location provides support and services for the regions and countries they are responsible for.

In the case of the European office, Data Access Europe established a strong cooperation with Channel Partners in the EMEA region. These partners are very dedicated towards serving customers in their native language, and according to local laws and customs.

Data Access Europe BV

Data Access Europe BV Lansinkesweg 4 7553 AE Hengelo The Netherlands
E: T: +31 (0)74 - 255 56 09 F: +31 (0)74 - 250 34 66

Data Access World Wide

Data Access World Wide PO Box 770970 FL 33177 Miami USA
E: T: (+1) 305-238-0012 F: (+1) 305-238-0017

Data Access Latin America

Data Access Latin America Av. Paulista, 2518 - 12º andar - cj.121 Bela Vista – São Paulo/SP CEP 01310-300 Brazil
E: T: (55-11) 3262-2000 F: (55-11) 3284-1579