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DataFlex 2019/19.1 Beta 2 Released!

February 13, 2019

DataFlex 19.1 includes exciting changes to help you improve all types of applications. All projects benefit from the language and code cleanup and expanded compiler warning system. Windows applications benefit from further DPI improvements, increased consistency and control over and form heights and embedded manifest files. Web and mobile applications now support history management and meaningful URLs, expandable lists, horizontal grid scrolling and an exciting new Material Design theme!

The “What’s New in DataFlex 2019 - 19.1” section of the help contains details on all the new capabilities of the product.

Additions and changes to DataFlex 19.1 Beta 2 since the Beta 1 release are:

Updated installer - DataFlex 19.1 uses new installation technology that provides a crisp, modern look across all monitor resolutions, is 64-bit capable (in preparation for the next generation of DataFlex) and automatically configures the proper provisioning of IIS for DataFlex web applications (including automated installation of the required IIS components). Beta 2 includes the full set of installations (Studio, Server and Client) and introduces a new command line interface for controlling the Server and Client installations.

DataFlex SQL Drivers - The DataFlex ODBC driver has been enhanced to better support MySQL and MariaDB and now includes the following capabilities:

  • Basic DataFlex data manipulation (Find/Save/Delete)
  • Creating/maintaining tables in DataFlex Studio.(Restructure)
  • Conversion from DataFlex embedded to MySQL/MariaDB
  • Support for managed connections
  • Support for recnum tables and standard tables
  • Support for primary keys
  • Support for auto_increment (identity) columns
  • Embedded SQL

Online Help – With the debut of online Help, DataFlex 19.1 revolutionizes the way the development community interacts with, and ultimately benefits from, DataFlex technical information. The entire set of documentation, included the command and class reference, conceptual descriptions, context help in the Studio and tutorials, is now available online. Every topic of the local help contains a link to its Online Version.

Of Special Note – While not new to Beta 2, you may want to familiarize yourself with some of the major new capabilities in DataFlex 19.1:

Check out all of DataFlex 19.1’s new capabilities for yourself and share your feedback in the DataFlex 19.1 Testing Forum!

Possible interaction with Windows Defender: The combination of recent updates to Windows and our newest code signing certificate may trigger a false warning from Windows Defender after you download Beta 2. We are in contact with Thawte but have not yet resolved the issue. If you either “unblock” the installation (using Properties) or instruct Windows Defender to “Run Anyway” (click the More Info link on the warning) DataFlex will install properly.