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DataFlex Reports 2017 Release Candidate

April 20, 2017

We are pleased to announce the availability of DataFlex Reports 2017 (v6.0) Release Candidate

What are the changes between Beta II & the Release Candidate 

  • Arrange objects space possible
  • Display Status Panel flickering.
  • Text field does not work with special characters
  • Exporting reports with charts om HTML and PDF draws the chart upside down.
  • Chart legend marker ‘width’ and ‘height’ values were swapped
  • Fixed Barcode error messages
  • Fixed ‘invalid data type’ errors in copy/paste of subreports
  • Fixed problem with adding existing report as a subreport changing tab names in the Studio
  • Fixed problem with PDF passwords no longer working
  • HDE 4686 Paint problem with current selection of combo box
  • HDE 4762 First row on every page of Excel export is empty when using ‘Data only’ export
  • HDE 4764 Error opening Excel 2007 export file
  • Fixed problem with varchar(max) fields in ODBC being converted to ‘string’ fields instead of ‘memo’ fields
  • Fixed problem with summaries on functions not working properly
  • ‘One or more table mismatches’ error in check database when using tables from multiple schemas
  • Changing the label size did not change the size of the details section
  • Fixed errors hen using some of the Barcode constants (constants with dash symbols)
  • Images on RDS are now 1 inch by 1 inch by default if no image sample is available
  • Fixed problems with copying/pasting objects between reports based on different data sources
  • Fixed error messages when copying/pasting from the report explorer

Click here to  download the Release Candidate . Only the developer edition is included in this release.