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Updated DataFlex 2021 Release ( Published - Update Now!

April 13, 2022

Last week we released our newest product: DataFlex 2022. We recommend updating to this newest version. If you are not able to update to DataFlex 2022 yet, a new build of DataFlex 2021 has just been released that contains many fixes for important issues. If you must remain on DataFlex 2021, we recommend that you install the newest update, build, now.

About the Update

DataFlex 2021 build is the latest in a series of updated releases that contain bug fixes for important issues reported by the development community including the runtime, SQL Drivers, key fixes for the Web and Windows Frameworks, and updated installers. Most of these issues were new to DataFlex 2021.

The new DataFlex 2021 updates are available as complete installations (see links below) that replace all previous DataFlex 2021 builds (the original release and the, and updates).

Check out the DataFlex 2021 Update Release Notes for complete information on the changes.

We have removed the previously published DataFlex 2021 builds from the Download center; all developers should update to as soon as possible.

Installing the Update

To install the update, first uninstall any currently installed versions of DataFlex 2021. A reboot is required after uninstallation and before installation of the new DataFlex 2021 build. Note that installing a DataFlex 2021 update after uninstalling a prior build automatically reinstalls the time-limited evaluation license so you must re-register your DataFlex 2021 commercial license(s) after the reinstallation completes. You can reregister from within the Studio (under Help | License Registration…) or by using “Register DataFlex” on the “DataFlex 2021 – 20.0” Start Menu. Find the downloads here: