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DataFlex Reporting


Unlock the valuable business information in your data.  Data Access Worldwide offers a variety of tools to deliver information to users on desktop and mobile devices.  

DataFlex Reports

When details matter!

From simplicity for end-users, to advanced and full control by software developers, DataFlex Reports delivers formatted information to support operational procedures. Choose DataFlex Reports to create pixel-perfect lists, invoices, labels, charts and more. Fully control the layout, build stand-alone reports, or embed advanced reports in Windows and web applications with DataFlex Reports.

Dynamic AI

Make better decisions, faster!

For the easiest and quickest way to create management information, choose Dynamic AI. As a 100% web-based Business Intelligence tool, Dynamic AI delivers great looking, "live" information in the browser of any desktop or mobile device. From dashboards, overviews and high-level information, just click for multi-level drill-downs that provide more insight in the underlying details.

What goes in, must come out.

That is what many applications are about: Data goes in and information comes out. Try DataFlex Reports, or Dynamic AI!