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DataFlex 2023 Alpha 1 released - introducing FlexTron!

December 21, 2022

DataFlex 2023 introduces FlexTron which brings Web views and controls into Windows applications for a more modern look and feel, or for just adding Web features to more mature Windows applications.

This latest release also provides better tools for working with SQL with a New Embedded SQL API, including new classes, named parameter support, @SQL string with syntax highlighting and a SQL Query Tester in the Studio.

Forward-looking developers who seek to get an early preview of what’s coming in the next release of DataFlex are encouraged to download and install the Alpha 1 release of DataFlex 2023 and join the testing community!

DataFlex 2023 also features:

  • Studio improvements that include now identifying Web properties in the Studio’s Properties Panel with a Unicode Earth character, and the Properties Panel also now allows for filtering of properties
  • Web Framework improvements that include faster startup times, new classes for selecting multiple rows, and a new weblist column type for showing tags
  • WebApp Server improvements in logging crashes, the WebApp Administrator, and allowing SPLF web servers to be added by their host name

The What’s New in DataFlex 2023 - Alpha 1 section of the help details all the latest changes in the prerelease build.

The main highlights are also covered in the "What’s New in DataFlex 2023 (pre-release)" Learning Center course.

Help us to release the best business application development software possible by sharing your experiences in the DataFlex 2023 Testing forum!


Download DataFlex 2023 Alpha 1


2022-12-19 DataFlex 2023 Alpha 1