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DataFlex Reports 6.1 Released

August 23, 2017

We are pleased to announce the availability of DataFlex Reports 2017 (v6.1).

Version 6.1 is a maintenance release fixing a number of important bugs and on top of that some features have been added. Version 6.1 runs side-by-side with older versions (such as v6.0). To gain v6.1’s benefits, just attach the library and re-compile of the DataFlex application for transparent report integration.

New Features

  • Support for DataFlex 2017/19.0s Managed Connections
  • Added Russian translations and collate definitions
  • Added Hungarian translations
  • Navigating in the report explorer pane now selects the object in the designer tab
  • Added option to show sub-reports in the Function Explorer
  • Added find by function ID option to the Function Explorer
  • Added import registration information to the registration dialog
  • Updated documentation

Bug fixes

  • HDE 4914
  • HDE 4950 Page layers only appear on first two pages
  • HDE 4937 ODBC memo fields have a default height/length of zero
  • HDE 4959 Validate Collate file name in designer
  • HDE 4939 OEM/ANSI translate problem in Windows menu
  • HDE 4958 OEM/ANSI translate problem when switching language
  • HDE 4955 Studio shows wrong function when error occurs in a subreport
  • Group numbers are off by one after printing a subreport
  • Added message to find in Preview when string is not found
  • HDE 5002 Fixed problem with screens appearing gray
  • HDE 5010 Crash when printing barcode without data
  • Fixed problem with NVARCHAR(MAX) fields not displaying any data
  • Fixed problem with variable length fields (Memo and Binary) not working in Filter Function for the ODBC driver
  • Fixed error on first argument of the Propercase() function


  • Improved feedback when a function error occurs, including the possibility to copy the Function
    ID and the ability to find the Function ID in the DR Designer.
  • HDE 4969!!!

 Download the v6.1 version from: