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A change in our software version naming and update strategy

December 6, 2023

We strive to keep our software up-to-date and in sync with the changing times and technologies. We decided to make a shift in the way we name our software updates, with the aim to making it simple, clear and intuitive.

In the past, our version numbering reflected the scale of changes: a major version number indicated significant updates, while minor, ‘decimal’, version numbers reflected smaller tweaks and improvements. However, moving forward, we are transitioning to a new system that ties the version number to the year of release.

Starting in 2024, our software updates will bear version numbers corresponding to the last two digits of the release year. As such, the first main release in 2024 will be named "24.0", regardless of the magnitude of changes it carries.

This decision was made to simplify and standardize our naming process. We understand that traditionally, version numbers have indicated the significance of an update, but rest assured that regardless of the name, we remain committed to delivering high-quality updates that enhance your experience and address your needs.

Another part of the new update strategy that we re-evaluated is how we want to go about incremental updates through the year. In the interest of getting valuable features into the hands of developers more rapidly, we will release ‘decimal’ updates as and when we develop significant features or improvements, rather than waiting to accumulate multiple changes. This means that you can expect smaller updates, perhaps more frequently, ensuring that you always have access to the latest functionalities without long waits.

These changes are made to simplify our processes and maximize the value we deliver to you. The first update in this new strategy will be DataFlex 2024/24.0, which will not be a very large update. The same naming and updating strategy applies to DataFlex Reports.