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DataFlex 19.1, Alpha 2 Released!

June, 06, 2018

DataFlex 19.1 brings exciting changes to all aspects of application development! All projects will benefit from the language and code cleanup and expanded compiler warnings. Windows applications will take advantage of further DPI improvements, increased consistency and control over form heights and embedded manifest files. Web and mobile applications now support the use of the back button and deep linking (through history management and meaningful URLs), expandable lists, horizontal grid scrolling and an exciting new Material Design theme.

Find the complete details about Alpha 2 in the "What’s New" section of the Studio’s Help. Download your copy of the Alpha 2 version, try out and test the new features, and help us deliver the best software possible!

DataFlex 19.1, Alpha 1 was released to EDUC attendees at the end of May. With a few more updates and changes, the first public release, Alpha 2, has now been posted for preview and testing with your applications. Check out all of the new capabilities yourself and share your feedback in the DataFlex 19.1 testing forum!

Please note: To download the Alpha 2 software, you must have an active Data Access ID. If you do not have one, you will be prompted to register for a Data Access ID in the dialog that pops up after following the download link above.