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EDUC 2016 After Movie

June 30, 2016

Berlin, in May was the venue for EDUC. DataFlex developers coming from 15 different countries joined the 2016 wall-tearing event and we registered 106 booked training courses.

We took the time to look back at 40 Years of Data Access Worldwide, we celebrated this remarkable anniversary with Champaign. The surprise evening this year required all guests to have a tattoo applied. People could decide for themselves, on which part of the anatomy the tattoo should be applied. We have seen some interesting choices.

At the end of EDUC, we voted for the location for EDUC 2018. The race was between Holland (pitched by the Promedico team) and Edinburgh (by Unicorn InterGlobal). The attendees have made up their minds: EDUC 2018 will be held in Edinburgh!

EDUC 2016 ended with the DUCCI awards ceremony, presented by Peter Bragg. Some remarkable awards were handed out, we can list them all, but why don’t you go to the EDUC website and watch the short video that shows you this and all what EDUC was about?

We thank the presenters, the attendees and their spouses for being at EDUC 2016, and hope to see you all again in 2018, in Edinburgh!