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New release: Technology Preview 2 of DataFlex Reports 2020

July 29, 2020

Data Access is pleased to announce the release of the second Technology Preview of DataFlex Reports 2020. DataFlex Reports 2020 is the first version that can be used in a 64 bit environment with Unicode data.

With entering the 64 bit arena reports can be much larger and they run faster as well. With the Unicode capabilities of the product one can use, print and export Unicode based characters without ANSI codepage dependencies.

The DataFlex Reports 2020 Studio is a 64 bit product, fully utilizing the current 64 bit processors that are in most computers these days.

At integration level, developers have a choice between 32 and 64 bit report integration. The 32 bit version allows developers to make use of Unicode data while preparing applications for 64 bit.

Changes since Technology Preview 1

  • New features
    • A keep group together option, available from the group properties. This option moves the whole group to a new page when it does not fit on the current page
    • An option to save the report definition as JSON file. This option enables creating documentation on report changes by comparing files
    • Ability to specify the unit of measurement (inch or centimeter)
  • Bugfixes
    • Export to CSV now creates a UTF-8 file with BOM indication. Without this option the content was not shown in a readable format with editors or Microsoft Excel
    • Embedded image in sub-report is not printed
    • ’Maximum’ summary fails on negative values
    • Accentuated characters are not printed correctly when using an OEM datasource

Please help us with testing and giving feedback in the DataFlex Reports forum to make the product stronger so that reporting in your own environments work as pleasant as possible.

2020-07-28 DR 2020 Technology Preview 2