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Introducing DataFlex 2023 - The future is here

July 5, 2023

DataFlex 2023 opens up many possibilities for Windows and Web applications. FlexTron enables interchanging of technologies by making Web components placeable in Windows apps, The the Web Grid layout gives design freedom, and the SQLExecutor brings ease and performance to those that need it. Plus, numerous other new features and enhancements are delivered in this flagship release that boost app performance and developer productivity!

DataFlex logo

Data Access Worldwide has released DataFlex 2023, the latest version of the company’s flagship mobile, web and Windows desktop application development platform that empowers developers to build and manage state-of-the-art business software solutions.  

Merge Web and Windows technologies

DataFlex has always been at the forefront of business applications and there is a big evolution in the merging of Web and Windows technologies. For example, apps like Teams, Spotify and many more are Web applications, but they can run as native Windows applications.

With DataFlex 2023 it’s possible to use both Web and Windows technologies (like an HTML editor) in Windows apps, but also to run complete Web apps like a Windows app.

Load data 5 times faster with the new Embedded SQL API

DataFlex 2023 comes with a new way of working with SQL Statements. The SQLExecutor allows for even faster Data retrieval using the database’s native SQL queries. Studio and language tooling make it easy to test your queries within the workspace directly.

A new way to build Web interfaces

The Web Grid Layout brings the freedom to place controls anywhere, just like in Windows. It provides a new way to design user interfaces for Web and FlexTron embedded applications. With the accompanied studio tooling its easy to get to the desired design. Without the need of spacers or other tricks, Nested panels are a thing of the past! 

And more...

DataFlex 2023 delivers numerous other enhancements across the product. Read more about the release on the What’s New in DataFlex 2023 overview page, watch the DataFlex Learning Center course and start using DataFlex 2023 today!  

Discover DataFlex 2023 live on July 6th

On Thursday July 6th Bram and Robin, software engineers from the Data Access Worldwide team, will discover DataFlex 2023 on a YouTube livestream. Save this link and meet the Data Access Worldwide team July 6th on 16:00 CET, 10:00 EDT and 11:00 BRT!


Download DataFlex 2023