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DataFlex Content Manager 4.5 (v18.1)

August 14, 2015

We are pleased to announce the release of DataFlex Content Manager version 4.5 which is build (and relies on) with DataFlex 2015 v18.1.

New Features Highlight
• Generate a Public URL for files
• Auto updated Sitemap.xml and robots.txt
• Increased length for filenames, pages, categories, and folders
• New status bar
• Import & Export Website Parameters
• Import & Export users
• Send e-mails to active Studio users
• Set column details
• Added informational icons
• Multi-item page in Multi-item page
• Change Document Structure
• User right ‘Manage Page Label’
• User right ‘Delete Page With Label’
• Exclude website parameters
• ExcludeItem parameter
• Extended the Website Parameters Sub-type
• Scan for unused items
• Rename files during upload
• Website Parameter ItemsPerPage
• Extended Document Structure type
• Pagination module
• Extended page link type ‘Internal link’
• Check for URL Rewrite module
• Added and Extended ASP templates
• Improved user password security
• Studio and other improvements
• New GUI Studio and SiteManager
• New MyWebsite

Download either the Commercial, Standard or the Personal edition.