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New video lessons added - Getting to know the Web Controls part 6

October 5, 2023

The Getting to Know the Web Controls video course has recently incorporated new lessons, focusing on essential controls that promise to simplify and enhance the development of web applications.

  • Lesson 15 - WebDateForm Control: Simplify date entries in web applications. Learn to manage departure and arrival dates effortlessly using the provided monthly calendar.
  • Lesson 16 - WebDatePicker Control: Seamlessly handle date values, perfect for online reservations. Explore the user-friendly monthly calendar for enhanced date-related interactions.
  • Lesson 17 - WebEdit Control: Easily add notes and comments. See how WebEdit enhances descriptive elements, like adding comments to a holiday reservation.
  • Lesson 18 - WebFileUpload Control: Streamline file uploads with progress tracking. Master the process from opening a file selection dialog to tracking progress with a convenient bar.

Explore these new lessons to deepen your understanding of DataFlex web controls. These lessons empower developers to create more efficient and user-friendly web applications. Stay tuned for hands-on insights and practical knowledge from the expanded Getting to Know the Web Controls video course!


Getting to know the Web Controls OG V2