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Did you know these easy enhancements for DataFlex web apps?

March 14, 2023

Beneficial results with minimal effort.

Boost your web apps with ease by implementing these pre-packaged enhancements. With little effort on your part, these resources can help you can provide great looking, valuable results for your customers.

2022-09-07 Dynamic ObjectsIcon

Dynamic Objects Library

This library extends the WebApp Framework with the capability to create and modify web objects based on external object definitions, all while your application is already compiled and running.

There is much to know about Dynamic Objects, so be sure to watch both the Introductory and Advanced video courses.

Dynamic Objects Library Details

2023-02-24 DF Styler Icon

DataFlex Styler Utility

This easy to use, free, web-based utility allows you to create custom CSS-based themes for your own DataFlex applications. See how to use it in the Styler video course.

DataFlex Styler Utility

2022-09-07 PDF Viewer Icon

PDF Viewer Library

Deliver PDF files to users by implementing this free control. The deliverable can be a stored PDF file or an interactively generated document such as an invoice. A demo workspace with example code is included. Watch this course to learn how to integrate the PDF Viewer in your web application.

PDF Viewer Library Details


Other Resources

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DataFlex Support Forums: ask questions - get answers

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