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DataFlex Diagnostics v1.1 makes analyzing environments better than ever

July 6, 2022

We are pleased to announce the availability of DataFlex Diagnostics v1.1, which includes enhancements that will make analyzing environments better than ever. Besides fixes and adjustments, version1.1 brings a couple of very useful new features: you may now scan your system for DataFlex license files and also search and gather information on DataFlex Windows applications. DataFlex Diagnostics can be downloaded for free.


Download DataFlex Diagnostics


What is DataFlex Diagnostics?

When setting up a DataFlex environment, developers may not be navigating known territory. Despite being knowledgeable of DataFlex, there will be a need to recognize differences among various operating systems and identify limitations in regards to access, user permission, server configurations and so on, many times imposed by IT departments or network administrators.

With that in mind, Data Access created DataFlex Diagnostics, a tool designed to describe relevant characteristics of the environment where DataFlex is (or will be) installed. DataFlex Diagnostics analyzes the environment where it is being run and generates a detailed report of the findings, organized in five distinct sections as figure 1 shows:


The end result of running the tool is a report displayed in the browser that will identify potential problems that may need attention in that specific computer’s environment. The report generated will list settings that may affect how DataFlex applications work and their values. Issues that need to be reviewed will be counted and the number of issues will be listed next to each category.

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2022-07-04 DataFlex Diagnostics